SurfShark Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals (85% Off + 3 Months Free)

Black Friday is here! Sellers are vamping up their incredible offers. But none can beat SurfShark Black Friday offer when it comes to the pricing.

SurfShark is one of the best VPN providers in the biz.

I am sure you are wondering, is it true?

Well, I am ecstatic to let you know that it is! SurfShark is offering 85% off on their 2-year plan and offers additional 3 months free as a surprise!

In other words, you will pay $1.77 a month when you sign up for the 2-year plan!

Incidentally, if you are wondering what in the heavens I am talking about, let’s start from the beginning.


What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is this international shopping extravaganza that comes every fourth Friday of November. Sellers offer incredible discounts and coupons. 

Black Friday is so popular that nearly every industry takes part in it.

So, if you are in the market for a good VPN, this Black Friday is the best time to grab the deals of a lifetime.

SurfShark Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2020

Let’s have a look at what SurfShark has to offer this Black Friday.

Normally, SurfShark charges $11.95 per month

But this Black Friday, Surfshark offers additional 3 months free when you sign up for 2 Year plan. After some Math, it's just 1.77$/ mo for 27 months of access. This is a whopping 85% discount!

Ultimately you will be billed $47.76 instead of the usual $286.80.

And this is not the only deal SurfShark is offering this Black Friday.

As you can see SurfShark means business.

However, we are not positive how long the SurfShark Black Friday offer will last, so we recommend that you grab it now!

About SurfShark

SurfShark is a reasonably new, simple, but powerful VPN Service Provider

Thus far, SurfShark has 800+ servers in 50+ locations.

Though many may say SurfShark lacks advanced features, it makes up for it in the ways it performs the essential functions. If all you need are the critical VPN functions, SurfShark is one of the best in the market.

You will love the beautiful, laid-back branding. The pristine clutter-free interface ensures beginners, as well as non-savvy users, don’t feel overwhelmed.

SurfShark works with Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, Amazon, and Fire TV.

You can access all the necessary security protocols, including OpenVPN, IKEv2, UDP, and TCP. This, plus military-grade encryption, Kill Switch, Double VPN hop, and a strict no-logging policy, makes SurfShark a formidable player in the VPN arena.

To cap it all off, with SurfShark, there is no limit to the number of devices you can use simultaneously.

Isn’t that incredible? There is more. Let us discuss SurfShark’s major features to see what else it has to offer.

SurfShark Features

Here are SurfShark’s most outstanding features.

1. CleanWeb

CleanWeb is SurfShark’s proprietary Blocker. It blocks intrusive Popups, Trackers, Malware, and Ads. With SurfShark’s CleanWeb you will be assured of an Ad free safe browsing session.

By blocking Ads and requests from suspicious websites, CleanWeb helps save your data and improves loading time. 

2. Anonymity

SurfShark ensures your anonymity when surfing. 


One, it will Hide you IP using AES-256-GCM military-grade encryption, Standard Security Protocols as well as Camouflage Mode

SurfShark’s Standard Security Protocols include IKEv2/IPSec and OpenVPN with IKEv2 being the default.

Camouflage Mode masks all your internet activities starting with the fact that you are using a VPN. According to the SurfShark website, even your ISP won’t be able to tell if you are using a VPN service.

Again, SurfShark’s MultiHop is an extra layer of protection. MultiHop allows you to connect via multiple countries which completely encrypts your digital footprint. This way you are completely protected from phishers as well as trackers.

3. SurfShark Whitelister

The SurfShark Whitelister is a feature that allows you to bypass the VPN for selected Apps.

In some cases, there is no need for a VPN. Or using one will cause undue complications. 

For instance, in cases when the website you want to access blocks foreign IP addresses or if the service you are trying to access forbids the use of a VPN [for example Banking websites]. 

You need a VPN that can allow certain websites to bypass it without shutting it all down. SurfShark does it well.

4. Third-Party Verification

Avid VPN users will swear by the VPN providers who are independently audited. You see, your personal information is very valuable. So, you need a VPN provider you can trust.

When a VPN provider claims a no-logging policy, DNS Leak protection and high-grade encryption, all remains to be seen unless they agree to be publicly audited by a third-party. 

A select number of VPN providers have agreed to be audited for the sake of transparency. SurfShark is among them.

5. Top-Notch Support

And finally, the true measure of robust VPN is all in the support. The ideal VPN provider will have multiple ways to reach out to their customers as well as a knowledge-rich support staff.

SurfShark boasts solid customer support including 24/7 Live Chat, Email Support, and Phone Support. According to their website, your queries will be attended to within 24 hours but in my personal experience response is no more than a few minutes.

Plus, the staff is tech-savvy and well-equipped to deal with any of the issues you may have.

These are SurfShark most outstanding features. Of course, there is much more on offer including Torrenting, System-wide KillSwitch, and the NoBorder Mode for bypassing geo-restrictions.

All that remains to say is do not let this deal pass you by. SurfShark is already among the cheapest options in the market. This could be the final nudge you needed to make up your mind!

Grab the SurfShark Black Friday offer as soon as now!

Wrapping Up

The shopping anticipation frenzy is on an all-time high. It’s time to shop until you drop-so to say. Grab all the must-have deals before they run out. You know, like the SurfShark Black Friday Deal!

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