FastestVPN Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2024

The FastestVPN Black Friday Sale has arrived finally and its time to grab the best VPN deals offered by this VPN. FastestVPN is one of the trusted and widely used VPN that acts like its name, fast and secure. This VPN service has a name for itself due to its powerful features and trusted popularity.

In today’s era, with advanced connectivity and digitization, for safety and security VPN plays an important role. FastestVPN has a strict policy when it comes to data restrictions and keeping it confidential. Hence there is no chance for third-party involvement.

FastestVPN Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals: Save 93% on their Lifetime Deal

FastestVPN is offering a variety of plans to suit different needs. Their best deal is the Lifetime Plan, priced at $40 for a lifetime subscription, saving you 93% off the original price of $600.

This plan comes with a 15-day money-back guarantee.

If you’re not looking for a lifetime commitment, they also offer a 1-Year Plan at $1.66 per month, billed as $19.95 annually, saving you 45%. Another option is the 1-Month Plan at $3 per month with no savings.

All plans come with a 15-day money-back guarantee and include features like 10 GBPS Fast Servers, Streaming Support, 10 Multi Logins, No-logs certification, WireGuard Protocol, and a FREE Password Manager.

You also get additional security features like Internet Kill Switch, P2P Optimized Servers, Free Malware Protection, Free NAT Firewall, Free Adblocker, and 256-bit AES Encryption

How to Grab the FastestVPN Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deal

Visit the FastestVPN Website

First things first, head over to the FastestVPN homepage. You’ll find all the information you need right there.

Navigate to the Deals Section

Once on the homepage, look for the ‘Buy VPN’ section. That’s where the magic happens. Click on it, and you’ll be redirected to the deals page.

Choose Your Plan

You’ll see various plans, but remember, the lifetime deal for $20 is the show’s star. Click on it to proceed.

Make the Payment

Fill in your payment details, and voila! You’re now the proud owner of a FastestVPN lifetime subscription.

FastestVPN features

Military-Grade Encryption

What It Is:

AES 256-bit encryption is the gold standard when it comes to cybersecurity. AES stands for Advanced Encryption Standard, and the “256-bit” part refers to the length of the encryption key.

It’s like having a lock with 256 different pins; cracking it would take an astronomical amount of time and computational power.

Why It Matters:

In the digital age, data is the new oil. Whether shopping online, sending emails, or browsing, your data can be intercepted and misused.

Military-grade encryption ensures that your data is scrambled into an unreadable format, making it useless for anyone who tries to intercept it.

Zero Logs Policy

What It Is:

A zero-log policy means that FastestVPN doesn’t record your online activities—no browsing history, no timestamps, and certainly no data that could be used to identify you.

Why It Matters:

Privacy is a fundamental right, and in an era where data breaches are all too common, a zero-log policy is your safeguard.

This ensures that even if a government agency or a hacker tries to access your data, there’s nothing to see.

P2P Optimized Servers

What It Is:

P2P stands for Peer-to-Peer, a network configuration that allows data to be shared directly between devices.

FastestVPN’s servers are optimized for P2P activities, which is a big deal for those who love torrenting.

Why It Matters:

Not all VPNs allow P2P activities due to legal constraints. FastestVPN not only allows it but optimizes its servers for it.

This means faster download and upload speeds and a secure connection to keep you anonymous while torrenting.

Internet Kill Switch

What It Is:

An Internet Kill Switch is a fail-safe mechanism. If your VPN connection drops unexpectedly, the Kill Switch automatically disconnects your internet, ensuring your data isn’t exposed.

Why It Matters:

Even the best VPNs can sometimes lose connection. In such cases, your data could be exposed, and your online activities could be tracked.

The Internet Kill Switch is your safety net, ensuring that never happens.

Smart Connect

What It Is:

Smart Connect is like your personal concierge for the internet. It automatically selects the fastest server based on your location and needs, connecting you without hassle.

Why It Matters:

No one likes a slow internet connection. Smart Connect ensures you’re always connected to the fastest server, optimizing your internet speed and providing a seamless browsing experience.


What It Is:

An integrated feature within FastestVPN, the ad-blocker prevents unwanted ads from popping up while browsing.

Why It Matters:

Ads can be more than just annoying; they can also be a security risk. Malicious ads can infect your device with malware or redirect you to phishing sites.

An ad-blocker enhances your browsing experience while adding an extra layer of security.


So there you have it, folks. FastestVPN offers a deal too good to pass up this Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

With a plethora of robust features and a price tag that’s hard to beat, it’s the perfect time to take control of your online privacy.

Don’t miss out; grab this deal while it’s hot!

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