FastestVPN Black Friday Deals & Cyber Monday Deals (95% OFF)

95% OFF
FastestVPN Black Friday

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The FastestVPN Black Friday Sale has arrived finally and its time to grab the best deals offered by this VPN. FastestVPN is one of the trusted and widely used VPN that acts like its name, fast and secure. This VPN service has a name for itself due to its powerful features and trusted popularity.

In today’s era, with advanced connectivity and digitization, for safety and security VPN plays an important role. FastestVPN has a strict policy when it comes to data restrictions and keeping it confidential. Hence there is no chance for third-party involvement.


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FastestVPN Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2022

FastestVPN plays a significant role for the VPN users. It offers the best Cyber Monday deals when it comes to savings and getting benefits. You can spend less and save big. The discounts hail at the maximum reaching a fall of 92.5%. Now that’s a hell of a deal!

Despite 1month plans, all the plans have huge discounts, with the 5-year plan the most popular one. The 5-year plan will cost $0.83 per month, which does not even complete a dollar!

Some of the most prominent cyber Monday deals include 95% discount on lifetime plans which is $72.00, 5-year plan with 92.5% discount and $44.95, 90% discount on a 3-year plan worth $35.95, 88% discount on 1-year discount worth $26.95 and the last, monthly plan with 10% and $9 value.

FastestVPN black friday Pricing Table

1 Month plan

No savings

monthly plan


Black Friday price

LifeTime Deal

SAVINGS - $600



Black Friday price

3-year plan

SAVINGS - $320



Black Friday price

The FastestVPN BlackFriday 2022 brings more of distinct plans. Usually, the price charge for FastestVPN hails high on usual days, but with cyber Mondays and black Fridays, the price drops significantly.

Black Friday plans for 1 month’s plan, you will be billed for around $10 monthly and the most loved deal in line of 3 years comes with savings of $320. Therefore, if you were searching for the best cyber discounted sales, then your search is over with these perfect options for you. You can grab the exclusive VPN at the lowest price possible.

If you plan to purchase a 3-year plan then you will get more savings of $320 as a whole. For the 1 month’s plan, the price begins from $10. With that for a year’s plan, a discount of $90 is applicable.
FastestVPN Black Friday

Features of FastestVPN

1. Browse without limits

Security is of the prime concern for any device. Many times, we think before connecting Wi-Fi on the go with a public portal open for all. So, whether it is the lounge of the airport, a restaurant, a hotel room, or public Wi-Fi hotspots, all of them leave you vulnerable for data threats as a whole.

For any hacker, it is easy to dive into your connections and steal data. Hence with FastestVPN you can protect your private information.

2. Get VPN on any device

People want to use a VPN on more than 1 device. For such requirements, FastestVPN ensures that its software is compatible with all major devices and all of them remain protected.

Whether it is your windows, Mac, IOS, android, fire TV, and more, all are compatible with FastestVPN. You can also install a VPN in the router and get VPN protection on more than 20 platforms.

3. Get access to global content

If you are someone who loves traveling, or has to due to corporate commitments, then with FastestVPN have your local content packed with you. FastestVPN global network, high-speed VPN servers let you access content despite your location in the world.

With FastestVPN there is no website or social network that you cannot access. Just turn on your VPN service to connect your desired VPN server location and surf with high speed.

frequently asked questions

What is VPN and why is it needed?

A VPN is virtually protected network which you can use in multiple ways for hiding your IP address and providing you complete online freedom, anonymity, privacy as well as data protection. Moreover, it gives access to various websites or online channels that are geo-restricted.

Do FastestVPN allow P2P filesharing and downloads?

Yes, FastestVPN supports P2P on most of the servers. However, the servers which are strictly not recommended for P2P are Australia, Hong-Kong, Singapore, South Korea, and India.

Do FastestVPN log my data?

No, this VPN never track or log the personal data of any customer, except when it is much necessary such as username, password, and login attempts made so that you make to the servers to counter abuse of multi-login feature and troubleshooting any server-end errors. For more, you can visit this VPNs privacy policy for details.


The FastestVPN is the best VPN you can have for this Black Friday 2022. It gives one of the best deals that one can get with great savings. The price of FastestVPN is kept at the minimum considering customer satisfaction. So overall FastestVPN is one of the most widely used VPN trusted for its high-speed, security, and great service. 

This was all about the FastestVPN Black Friday sale. If you have any queries floating in your mind regarding FastestVPN Black Friday, ask them in the comment section. 

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