NordVPN Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2024

NordVPN is ruling the VPN industry for the past five years. From the beginning, they are providing excellent service to their customers.

Now they have got over 5231 servers in 60+ countries. With that being said, NordVPN is well known for its unique features like Military-grade encryption, Double VPN, Onion over VPN, and much more.

Pretty excited to know more about this amazing service, right?! We have made a detailed walk-through of NordVPN at the later of this article. Let us now quickly look at the NordVPN special deals on this VPN Black Friday sale.

NordVPN Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals: Get 65% off + 3 Month Extra on 2 Year plan

Top Plan: The 2-year plan is the best deal at $5.79 per month, with a 65% discount and a 30-day money-back guarantee. The total cost for the first 2 years is $156.33, and it includes 3 extra months.

Other Plans:

  • 1-year plan costs $6.49 per month, with a 60% discount and a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Monthly plan is $14.99 per month, with a 0% discount and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

All plans offer secure, high-speed VPN, malware protection, and tracker and ad blocker.

NordVPN has plans for everyone, whether you want a short-term or long-term commitment. All plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

How to Grab the NordVPN Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deal

Visit the NordVPN Website:

Head over to NordVPN’s homepage. They’ve got all their deals prominently displayed.

Choose Your Plan:

NordVPN offers various plans, but the holiday deals usually focus on their long-term plans, which offer the best bang for your buck.

Payment Options:

NordVPN accepts many payment methods, from credit cards to cryptocurrencies. Pick what suits you best.

Download and Install:

 Download the NordVPN app on your devices once the payment is processed. Installation is a breeze.

Enjoy Secure Browsing:

With NordVPN activated, you can now browse the web securely and privately.

NordVPN Features

Secure Encryption

Let’s start with the cornerstone of any VPN service: encryption. NordVPN employs what’s known as next-generation encryption.

This isn’t your run-of-the-mill security; we’re talking about a level of encryption that would take a supercomputer billions of years to crack.

Imagine wrapping your data in an impenetrable digital fortress that keeps out hackers, snoopers, and anyone with nefarious intentions.

It’s the ultimate shield for your online activities, whether shopping, banking, or browsing.

Kill Switch

Have you ever been in a situation where your internet connection suddenly drops?

It’s annoying, but when you’re using a VPN, it can also be risky. That’s where NordVPN’s Kill Switch comes into play.

If your VPN connection unexpectedly drops, the Kill Switch activates and cuts off your internet access, ensuring your data doesn’t leak into the open.

It’s like a safety net that catches you when you fall, keeping your information secure and private.

Split Tunneling

Here’s a feature for those who love customization: Split Tunneling. This nifty tool allows you to choose which apps go through the VPN tunnel and which don’t.

For example, your work apps can use the VPN for added security, while your streaming apps bypass it for better speed.

It’s like having a VIP lane on the internet highway, where you decide who gets in and who stays out.

Double VPN

For those who want to take their security up a notch, NordVPN offers a Double VPN.

This feature routes your internet traffic through not one but two VPN servers, adding an extra layer of encryption.

Think of it as wearing two bulletproof vests; the second layer keeps you safe even if one layer is compromised.

It epitomizes robust security, designed for the ultra-paranoid and those facing extreme censorship or surveillance.


Streaming fans, rejoice! NordVPN’s SmartDNS feature is a godsend for those who want to watch their favorite shows and movies without jumping through hoops.

Unlike traditional VPNs that might slow down your streaming speed, SmartDNS lets you bypass geo-restrictions without any loss in speed.

It’s like having a universal remote for the internet’s vast content library.

Private DNS

Last but not least, we have Private DNS. Private DNS serves as your personal lookout in a world where third-party companies are eager to spy on your online activities.

It ensures that external parties do not track or log your DNS queries—the websites you visit.

It’s a cloak of invisibility that makes your online moves your business and yours alone.


So there you have it, folks! NordVPN’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are a cybersecurity feast you won’t miss.

With advanced features and robust security protocols, NordVPN is the ultimate tool for safeguarding your digital life.

Don’t miss out on these incredible deals; secure your digital world today!

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