Nordvpn Black Friday deals, discount coupons and offers 2020 [70% off + 3 Months Free]

Nordvpn is into the VPN service for the past five years. They are providing excellent service to their customers from the very beginning. Now they have got over 1177 servers at 60+ countries. With that being said, Nordvpn is well known for its special features like Military grade encryption, Double VPN, Onion over VPN and much more.

Pretty excited to know more about this amazing service right?! We have made a detailed walk through of Nordvpn at the later of this article. Let us now quickly look at the Nordvpn Black Friday deals.

Nordvpn Black Friday Discount Coupon Codes & Offers 2020

This year, Nordvpn has come up with an awesome discount for its customer on account of Black Friday. Nordvpn has just launched a special promo offer named Cyber Sale. With Cyber Sale offer you can get a flat discount of 70% on the 3 Year VPN Plan and additional 3 Months free plus and Free NordLocker File Encryption App (Worth $312) Free . Means, it's just 3.49$/ month! This is one of the biggest discounts from Nordvpn. What else you are waiting for? Just click on the link below to claim your Cyber Month Nordvpn deal right now.

Nordvpn features

There are lots of VPN and proxy available to surf anonymously over the internet, so why nord VPN? Nord VPN have some unique features like Automatic kill switch, CyberSec, Double VPN, DNS leak protection. Let’s see about each and every features in detail.

Automatic kill switch

Most of us will use VPN to secure our connection from ISP, or to prevent hackers from to gain unauthorized access to our data. But whatever VPN we may use, sometimes it may drop the secure connection for a while. During that time our internet is vulnerable since most of the software process data in the background. We can use automatic kill switch to prevent the software from accessing internet during downtime. It’s just a single click switch turn it on and allow or block the software which can access the un secured internet during down time.


Did you annoyed by ads? While surfing something important over the internet. Most probably yes…! Then you hit a bull’s eye, because cyberSec can block all the ads and prevent dangerous website. The setup is not difficult either. All it’s need just a single click for an unlimited ad free experience. It even blocks the malware hosted site wonder how? The answer is here when you enter an URL in your address bar your system will ping a remote DNS and request IP of that particular site. And when our DNS allows us we can enter the site, this is where cybersec coms into the play. Our DNS and cybersec will ping at the same time and it will verify the site with the pre blacklisted site. And allows you to enter the site. In this way you can have secure surfing.

Double VPN

As the name suggest, Its Encrypting your data not once but twice. The process is simple when you are connected to a normal VPN mostly you will have a 64 to 128 bit encryption. Where as in case of double VPN your encrypted data will again be encrypted by another VPN server. In simple words, you data travels in VPN tunnel in its most secure form. This type of encryption is generally used in military but now this service is available for end user.

DNS leak Protection

If your data are encrypted only once there might be a possibility that the hacker may decrypt it, to find the actual content. This is process is called DNS leak. NORD makes sure to protect your data at the maximum possible way. By using Double VPN we can prevent the DNS leak.

Onion over VPN

We all might have heard about onion browser for its secure connection compared to other browser. What will happen if we use onion browser and VPN at the same time? It will give us double secured connection over the dark web. Wonder what will happen if we use double VPN and onion browser at the same time? We will get a triple encrypted protection.

IP protection

This is common in all the VPN, after all we use VPN to protect our identity. But what nord offers unique is it will mask your IP address by sending it remote VPN servers (a tunnel of servers).

NO log policy

All this IP transformation are done in a VPN program, which will have a personal log for all the process. If a hacker gets these log info they may decode the original info. So nord VPN has taken this into consideration and providing “NO LOG POLICY”.

That’s some important features of Nordvpn. Hope you are now convinced with the Nordvpn service. Sign up for Nordvpn black friday offer from the below link.

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