TorGuard Black Friday Deals & Cyber Monday Deals (50% OFF)

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TorGuard Black Friday

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The TorGuard Black Friday sale is finally here. TorGuard is one of the best VPN service providers available in the market. It delivers an amazing torrenting experience with its wide server base. Also, it secures your devices from all potential threats by encrypting data traffic and masking IP addresses. This VPN works even in China.

This year, TorGuard VPN is offering a whopping 50% discount on its Black Friday deal. And not for one-time but for a lifetime. This is one of the highest discounts offered by a VPN on Black Friday.

You will never wish to miss such an amazing deal.


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TorGuard Black Friday And Cyber Monday Deals 2022

TorGuard VPN is celebrating Black Friday and Cyber Monday by offering a 50% discount on its yearly subscription plan. In this sale period, the price of TorGuard VPN's annual subscription will drop from $59.99 to $29.99. 

And the best part is that you will be able to avail discounts throughout your lifetime. There is no other VPN offering a lifetime discount, making it the best Black Friday deal. Plus, you will also get a free 10 GB encrypted email account to secure your emails from hackers.

So, if you are also tempted by this amazing discount then visit the TorGuard website and get a chance to enjoy an amazing discount on a premium VPN.

This sale is valid until 10th December. While buying the VPN don't forget to apply coupon to avail the offer. 

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TorGuard black friday Pricing Table

Monthly Plan

Regular Price - $9.99 



Black Friday price

Quarterly plan




Black Friday price

Semi-Annual Plan




Black Friday price

Annual Plan




Black Friday price

TorGuard VPN is available in 4 different plans. The monthly plan of TorGuard VPN comes at $9.99 which is quite costly. However, the quarterly and semi-annual plans have a reduced price and you can get them at $19.99 ($6.67 per month) and $29.99($4.99 per month) respectively.

The annual plan, however, costs as much as $59.99 regularly. But now, in this sale period, you can get it at just $29.99 ($2.49 per month). And you will also get a 10 GB encrypted email account absolutely free. 

TorGuard Black Friday

Features of TorGuard

1. TorGuard Ad-Blocker

TorGuard offers a built-in Ad-blocker with its VPN service. This ad-blocker is able to block all website ads boosting the performance of your devices. Generally, ads take a lot of data and slow down the site loading speed. But with this ad-blocker, you don't have to worry about it any longer.

2. Stunell to bypass Chinese restrictions

TorGuard is one of the few VPNs who can bypass the great firewall of china. With its Stunnel feature, it can bypass Deep Packet Inspections (DPI) hiding your IP address even from your ISP. With this amazing feature, it is the best VPN to use in China.

3. Privacy and Logging

TorGuard says that it follows a strict no-log policy and never stores any personal information of its users. However, it has never undergone a third-party audit to verify its no-log policy.

TorGuard is located in the US which is a member of the 14-eyes alliance. Plus, the US also has data retention laws that can force TorGuard to surrender its user's information to the state.

However TorGuard, in defend, says that even if the government will force it to surrender data. There will be nothing to give them as it follows a strict no-log policy.

4. Streaming

TorGuard's normal subscription can't unblock Netflix and other streaming platforms. So, if you want to stream Netflix then you will have to get a dedicated IP address by paying some regular monthly fees.

But you don't have to pay such additional fees for torrenting. Even it is also said this VPN is best for torrenting purposes and 'Tor' in its name solely represents its 'Torrenting' services.

So, if you are a torrenting guy then this VPN could be the best VPN for you.

5. Customer Support

TorGuard scores are excellent in the area of Customer Support. It provides customer support through three ways i.e. 24×live chat, email chat support, a toll-free phone number(which is only available in the US).

So, for fast response, you can easily rely on their live chat support. You can reach them anytime with any question and you will get a responsive answer from them within 5 minutes.

You can also use their e-mail chat service if you need a detailed answer to some queries.

frequently asked questions

Can we use a free VPN for our devices?

Yes, you can but I will not recommend a free VPN to you. Free VPNs does not follow no-log policy and they tend to sell your data to third parties. Also, they don't provide good security features and you can't unblock streaming services using Free VPNs.

What does a 7-day money-back guarantee mean?

A 7-day money-back guarantee is an assurance by TorGuard VPN that you can take your money back if you do not like their services. You can do it within the 7-days of your subscription. It is a great way to check their services before buying them for the long term. 

Which mode of payments are available with TorGuard VPN?

With TorGuard VPN, you can use credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, and many other different modes of payment. 


TorGuard is the best VPN in terms of security, privacy, ad-blocking, price, and torrenting. But it somewhat fails on the grounds of streaming and internet speed. So, now it's your decision to buy it or not. But if you are okay with its downsides, then trust me this is the best deal out for you.

This was all about the TorGuard Black Friday sale.  Also if you have any doubts regarding any topic we discussed in this TorGuard Black Friday article then you can comment it down.

Also, if you have used TorGuard VPN then you can also share your review with us by commenting on this article. Cheers!

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