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PrivateVPN Black Friday

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PrivateVPN is one of the most commonly used VPN and one of the most secured networks you can try out. This fantastic VPN comes with a lot of roundabout features that you will enjoy using. Nowadays, VPN plays a vital role in providing safe and secure networks.

Where one can doubt data stealing and third-party involvement, PrivateVPN is a confident choice amongst all odds.

PrivateVPN Black Friday deals are live now, and everyone is excited about it. With this, all the VPN which are up for sale are modulating their prices and offers for a perfect buyer Fridays, with PrivateVPN hailing on the top.


All the new deals in store with 1 month, 3 months, and 13 months plans, with the last being the heartthrob deal of the season, are included in black Friday specials. To add the cherry on top, all the VPN plans come with a money-back guarantee!

Now that's an offer! There are a lot of offers that you can bag right from this amazing on-going deal. You should also shop prominently and keep a close eye on the deals as long as they don't get expired.

PrivateVPN Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2022

The PrivateVPN Black Friday 2022 and Cyber Monday just irresistible. Already the range of the pricing has been brought down than the average percentage. Usually, the price charge for PrivateVPN is around $10.20 per month, but the Black Friday deal saves 26% from the original price.

For the 12 months + Extra 12 Month plan, you will be billed for around $2.07 monthly and an annual of $49.68 with a savings of 81% than the original plan. Speaking of the Cyber Monday deal, all the buyers are getting a stark discount of 10%, and on top of this, you can stand a chance of winning one of the 15 yearly accounts.

Therefore, if you were searching for the best cyber discounted sales, then your search is over with these perfect options for you. You can grab the exclusive VPN at the lowest price possible.

PrivateVPN black friday Pricing Table 

1-month plan

Billed monthly



Black Friday price

12 month + 12 Months extra plan

24 months total billed as $49.68



Black Friday price

3-month plan

3 months plan total billed as $15.08



Black Friday price

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If you plan to purchase a 13 months plan, then you will get a flat discount of about 65% as a whole. For the 1 month's plan, you will get a discount of 26%. With that for the 3- months plan, a stark discount of 54% is applicable.

As per your requirements, you can go for the above deals, with an additional over the top discount of 10% of cyber Monday deals, with applicable terms and conditions

PrivateVPN Features

Features of PrivateVPN

1. Unlock geo-restricted media

Global citizens love watching global entertainment and features that are getting popular around the world. However, the problem that persists is the geo-restrictions. It is not possible to buy a subscription of plans for every platform that provides entertainment.

But not anymore with PrivateVPN. With this, you can access social media networks and video streaming, unlimited, and connect to any part of the world without network barriers or restrictions. Therefore, you can unlock the benefits of entertainment from any-time and anywhere.

2. Stay undetectable

IP addresses and server restrictions can create many problems, as they are easily communicable digital, and you can get into trouble if accessing networks illegally. VPNs make the process simpler.

In short, it makes you anonymous or undetectable. With the help of military-grade encryption, be undiscoverable, and protect your data from government or hackers.

3. High speed for easy browsing

Those days of delays and buffering are gone forever, where you had to wait for video streaming or downloads . With high-speed connection today, you can browse millions of contents without any buffering problem. So enjoy data streaming with highspeed connections and say goodbye to buffering.

frequently asked questions

Should I wait for a PrivateVPN black Friday sale?

Yes, you should! The prices and discounts offered in the black Friday sale by PrivateVPN are a steal. You can access benefits from a secured network, with a 24/7 responsive team if there are any issues. The sale's discount prices are like never before and cheap compared to regular days or other VPN services. Therefore, in a nutshell, waiting for the sale is beneficial.

Is the money-back guarantee true or a scam?

Since they value customers, every point made is true. If their services do not stand up to the mark and the high speed promised, they will refund every last penny. You can try PrivateVPN for 30 days and decide if you wish to stay protected at the end.

Is PrivateVPN safe and secure to use?

Most certainly! PrivateVPN does not interact or leak data of users to a third party for any use. Moreover, you can use it with utmost security and assurance of being protected digitally. For any assistance, you can contact the customer support team and get your issues solved.


The PrivateVPN Black Friday 2022 is one of the best deals that you can get for yourself. The price of PrivateVPN is actively high when you get or purchase it usually. But this fantastic offer is perfect for you to choose the best which you want. PrivateVPN is one of the most widely used VPN, and also, for all the safety features, it is so widely recommended.

We hope that you find this PrivateVPN Black Friday deal article useful and interesting. Comment your doubts below (if you have any). Thanks for scrolling through!

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