Pia Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2020 (67% OFF)

Without a VPN protection, your device is always open to cyber-attacks that can contain your browsing history to your credit card details. If you have not thought about a VPN service or if you are planning to get one, then this is the right time. Purchase a VPN account during Black Friday Sale and get an amazing discount. 

Though you can find a wide range of VPN services, it is essential to figure out the best VPN that will provide you all the services you require. In this post, we have mentioned the most trusted VPN that offers exclusive features that will match perfectly with your requirements.


Private Internet Access VPN Black Friday Sale 2020:

During this Black Friday Sale, you can get the Private Internet Access VPN with a 67% special discount with the yearly plan. If you want to secure your internet connection at a low price, then this is the best time for you to get this fantastic VPN service. 

For the people, we have no idea about Private Internet Access, you can read the below post to get to know about PIA VPN and its features. 

About Private Internet Access VPN:

Private Internet Access VPN provides a number of features and also offers the best protection for the money you are paying. It was originated from London that was started by the London Trust Media, INC. in the year 2010. 

Private Internet Access VPN offers unlimited data and does not limit the security at the expense of browsing speed. It comes with many additional built-in features like DNS leaks, OpenVPN, and PPTP that protect your internet connection all the time. 

You can browse the data with unlimited bandwidth on multiple devices. With a single PIA VPN account, you can stream on ten different devices simultaneously. 

Plans & Pricing:

The Private Internet Access VPN comes in three different plans. Depending on your requirements, you have to choose the plan carefully that helps you to save money. Let's get to know about the plans that this VPN offers:

Monthly Plan:

This plan is available at $9.95 per month which is one of the best deals around. However, you can get this plan at $6.95 per month during Black Friday Sale. Unlike many other VPN providers such as CyberGhost, Vypr VPN, Hotspot Shield VPN, you can get this VPN at a reasonable price with all the required services. 

Six-Month Plan:

You can get this plan by paying $5.99 per month. With the Black Friday offer, you can purchase this plan at $3.33 per month. Though some VPNs are available at $3 per month you might have to sign up for three or more years in order to get their services. 

1-Year Plan:

PIA VPN 1-year plan is available at $3.33 per month. You will be billed once in a year and you can enjoy their services for the complete year like unlimited data, AES 128-bit encryption, Socks5 proxy, and many more features with this long term plan. 

Features of PIA VPN:

The features offered by Private Internet Access VPN are incredibly amazing. When you signing up for any VPN service, it is important to know about its features because they are the ones that will let you decide. We have mentioned the main features of Private Internet Access VPN that help you to get to know about this provider. 

1. Fast Speed:

Unlike many other VPNs, the speed of browsing or downloading is not reduced when you are using Private Internet Access VPN. Since speed is the most essential factor that plays a major role, you need to choose the VPN service that provides fast speed like PIA. 

2. Privacy:

PIA provider states that there is no logging policy which means that they will not track or monitor your online history or communication logs. Some VPN providers will collect certain information like your login and log off details in order to monitor the usage and improve their services. PIA also tracks some details like your email address and other information which you can find it in their privacy policy. 

3. Secure:

With Private Internet Access VPN, you will able to hide your identity and encrypt your data using the state of the art technology. You can use various additional features such as block ads and trackers and connect to super-secure servers all over the globe. 

When you travel overseas you can bypass the obnoxious content filters which means that you will be able to stream your favorite content on different sites such as Hulu and Netflix.

4. Performance:

Performance greatly affects any VPN service as they do not give the results what they have promised. However, PIA VPN performed very well on various tests and the server locations they have claimed to be are matching with the geolocations. You can stream on Netflix, YouTube, and many other websites without any buffer time. 

5. Support:

When you visit the Private Internet Access Support center, you can get to know about the complete services provided by this VPN which also includes troubleshooting, technical complications, and account problems. They have 24/7 Live Chat support only for paid subscribers. 

If you are still unsure of whether to purchase Private Internet Access VPN, you can get their free trial to know better about their services. Once you are sure that their services match your requirements, you can sign up with PIA VPN. Make sure you don't miss out on the Black Friday deal. 


Although Private Internet Access is not a fully-featured VPN, you can the best services at a relatively low price. As this VPN runs in almost all the devices, you will not face any difficulties when using this service.

PIA VPN is ideal for large families or users with many devices who are in need of VPN protection.

Grab the deal right away and get an exclusive discount during sign up. What are you waiting for!! Subscribe for PIA VPN service and protect your internet connection.

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