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If you are active on the internet, you would probably have heard about VPN and people who use it. But what is a VPN, and why do I need one? 

Let's start by learning What a VPN is..

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, and, as the abbreviation states, it's a private network that encrypts your traffic between your device (Smartphone, Computer) and the site you are trying to visit.

It was first developed to allow business users to connect to their corporate networks remotely, and use the local resources like being in the office. When you use a VPN, a point-to-point link is created between the client device and the VPN server. This server can be located anywhere in the world.

Types Of use cases for a VPN 

Now we have listed some use cases to justify "Why do I need a VPN?." 

1. When You Want To Hide Your Traffic From Your ISP

When you surf the internet, your ISP (Internet Service Provider) can watch your traffic and see what sites you are visiting. If you are a privacy-conscious person, the use of a VPN can improve your privacy and hide your traffic from the ISPs prying eyes. 

2. When You Want To Access Limited Access Sites

You probably encountered sites that limit their audience to specific regions. If you are living in Europe, the GDPR laws made some US sites inaccessible because the owners don't want to deal with the hassle of implementing the GDPR rules in their site. 

By using a VPN, you can connect to a server located in the US and connect to the blocked site. The site owner will see that the traffic originates from a US server, and the access will be permitted. 

Why Do I Need A VPN

3. When You Want To Secure Your Internet Traffic

All your traffic can be intercepted, monitored, and modified if you are using a free WiFi connection or a public network. Let's say you go into a coffee shop and decide to connect to their free WiFi and surf the web. If an attacker is there, they can be connected to the same WiFi network and start to monitor your internet traffic.

After some monitoring, he can alter the contents of the web pages you access and redirect you to malicious websites. So, instead of navigating to the real Facebook site, you could be redirected to a malicious site that looks identical to the real Facebook.

This malicious site will ask you to log in, and before you know it, the attacker will have your credentials. You will probably notice that the login is not working, and the site you visited is not the correct one, but it will be too late at that time.

When you use a VPN to secure your internet traffic, hackers will not be able to monitor or intercept the internet traffic, allowing you to browse the internet securely. 

4. When You Want To Get Good Internet Speed

A lot of Internet Service Providers limit the internet speeds of their customers for streaming. When a user is streaming video, the ISP will see what kind of internet traffic is being done and limit it to the streaming speed. For example, the ISP can limit Netflix streaming, and your videos will load slower or at a lower quality.

While you use a VPN, your traffic will be encrypted, and the ISP cannot apply those streaming limits, allowing you to benefit from the full internet speed available to your connection.

5. When You Want To Buy Cheaper Flight Tickets

It is known that the sites where you are looking for flight tickets are monitoring your actions and traffic. They do this in order to change prices and offers according to demand. If you are looking to book a flight, but you are unsure, you will probably navigate through the site and try to look for the best offer. If you change your mind or want to place the order later, the site will usually increase the price and tell you to hurry up because the tickets are limited.

They can do this by monitoring you through your cookies and through the IP of your internet connection. If you do this using a VPN, you can always change the server to change the IP and appear as a new user to the booking site. This will increase the probability of not being overcharged when buying a ticket.

Why Do I Need A VPN

Besides dynamically changing the price, flight companies can also provide less expensive tickets when buying from a certain region, so when using a VPN, you can easily change your region and check the prices from multiple locations. 

When you choose a VPN, you need to make sure that the VPN provider is not tracking your data or not selling your data to other parties. In order to effectively guide your choice, our site offers you an objective selection of the best VPN Black Friday deals 2022.

What's the use of a VPN, if the provider is doing exactly what you are trying to avoid? Also, if your provider collects logs about your traffic, it's almost a guarantee that the authorities can also access those logs if needed. 

By using a VPN, you can access more content from streaming sites. 

Everybody knows that Netflix and other streaming sites offer different libraries of content for various locations. When you use a VPN, you will be able to access more content from Netflix and enjoy the maximum number of shows available to feed your need for binge-watching. 

Hide Or Pass-Through Your Traffic When Browsing From Work 

If you work in a strict workplace, you probably have a lot of browsing sites blocked or with limited access. Besides that, your employer could monitor your internet traffic to see on what sites have you been most active.

If you start a VPN connection before browsing the internet, you will be able to pass-through your company's internet limitations and enjoy the sites you want to access. But please follow your workplace regulations and try not to break any rules. 

Your VPN client can be set up on a variety of devices, from mobile phones to tablets, computers, and even routers. The best way to protect your whole internet traffic is to install the VPN client on the router level. That way, you will be able to protect your whole network.

Family and guests will be fully protected when using your private internet link, offering you peace of mind and complete security. Note that not all routers support having an always-on VPN, so you should first check your router capability, then upgrade to a better one, if needed. 


When you decide to use VPN software and start a subscription for a service, please make sure you are choosing one that offers unlimited bandwidth and traffic. You can also choose a Free VPN provider, but you will most probably have a small amount of internet data included, and limited speeds, so considering this, a paid subscription for a VPN would make more sense. 

It is recommended to start a trial before committing to a service provider in order to test all functionality and speed before starting the subscription. That way, you will be able to make sure you are making the best choice for your privacy. 

We hope that this article justifies the question "Why do I need a VPN ?" If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment, and we will do our best to help you out. 

Be safe.!

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