How To Watch Voot In USA And Outside USA

In this article, we will discuss how to watch Voot in the USA and why you will need a VPN to watch voot in the USA and the benefits you will get. Voot is an on-demand platform that is owned by the Viacom 18 network of channels in India.

This is one of the platforms where the most popular shows of Indian television can be streamed. There are many movies that people can stream on this platform, but there is a problem.

If you are new to VPN then check this article to know more about why do you need a VPN.


Most of the platform's content, including all the Indian shows and some movies, is geo-blocked on the platform. Now, users can't even access the platform in the US because the services aren't provided there.

This is why they will see a message that they cannot access the content because of some error, and that error is, "You have been blocked." Why? Because of your IP, that said that you are from the USA.

So, now what we can do is, we can use something that can change the IP address and replace it with an IP address that shows our location in India.

Watch Voot In The USA

This can be done either by a proxy server or a VPN; the decision to make here is a VPN. Why? Because there are many benefits that users get with a VPN when they want to stream something that also enhances their online privacy and security.

The five best VPNs that will give people the best experience with the Voot streaming platform are listed in this article. You will also learn how you can use a VPN to access Voot by connecting to a VPN in the USA.

All these things will let the users know everything they will need to understand about streaming Voot in the USA with a VPN.

Why People Need A VPN To Watch Voot In The USA

This question might arise in the mind of any person as there are other options that they can use to access Voot in the USA. The main reason why people need to use a VPN is that it provides tailor-made features that enhance the user’s streaming experience.

Using Voot is all about streaming and hence users should go for a VPN. It can also provide them with features that will allow them to remove geo-restrictions on all other streaming applications and watch anything that they want.

This can be very complex when users try to choose other options like proxy servers and they also don’t provide anything special that can improve streaming experience. Proxy servers are also not as reliable as VPN servers provided by the top VPN providers.

This is the reason why people need to prefer a VPN over any other method of changing their IP and getting access to the Geo-blocked web services. I recommend ExpressVPN to watch Voot in USA. This VPN can easily unblock Geo-restricted content. 

Benefits Of Using A VPN With Voot In The USA

If you have read closely till now, then most of you might guess what are the benefits that you will get when you use a VPN with Voot. For better understanding, I have listed down benefits that you will get with VPN that you use to stream Voot in the USA:

watch voot in the USA

1. Removal Of Geo-restrictions

This is the benefit that will help people to access Voot in the USA. Without this benefit, users would never have been able to watch the content on Voot in the same way as Indian people do.

This is done by changing the original IP of the device of the users with the IP of the server to which they are connected to, in this case, any Indian VPN server.

This is one benefit that they can use with all other websites and do that they just need to connect to the VPN of the region whose content they want to access and they are done. This feature has made VPNs more popular than the security feature that was the main motive.

2. No Throttling

Throttling is when the network operator decreases the speed of the network so that the user cannot access any web service to it’s best. This can also impact the quality of the video that users watch.

This can be removed very easily by any one of the top VPNs mentioned below. The reason is that users are no longer connected to the internet via their servers, but they are connected via a VPN server.

This hides then even from their ISP and hence the effect of throttling gets void on the VPN users.

3. Special Features For Streaming

Streaming video through VPN can be a great experience because there are issues that decrease the quality of the video or make it lag.

Geo-restriction hides content that you might want to watch and a VPN provides the users with all the features that can improve their streaming experience.

The servers provide good speed for streaming and that cannot be achieved with any other way like a proxy or anything for that instance.

4. Better Security

VPNs were mainly created to enhance the privacy and online security of the users. The Internet is a vulnerable place and there are people who might want to get into your machine and take away all the personal information that you have stored on it.

To make your device safe and to protect anyone from seeing whatever you do online there is no better option than a VPN. A VPN hides the device by providing it with a dynamic IP of the VPN server0 to which it is connected.

Because of this, even the ISP cannot watch the online activity of the users. They are able to access all the websites or applications that are banned in their regions. VPNs are properly legal and were made with a purpose to give the power back to the users on the internet.

Best VPNs To Watch Voot In USA

1. ExpressVPN

watch voot in the USA

This is the fastest VPN in the world and one of the best options for streaming Voot in the USA. They can remove geo-restrictions on the content not just in India, but around the world.

This is because they have servers in almost all the prominent countries in the world. They are just a bit expensive, but their services make them value the money that they ask.

2. Surfshark

Surfshark is one of the most affordable VPNs that can be used with Voot in the USA. They provide great services for streaming and also they have good security features. 

There are 3 powerful Indian servers that are capable of removing restrictions on Voot and make it available for people in the USA. The speed of the VPN allows users to stream in the best possible quality. It is well worth your attention and  with the Surfshark Black Friday deal you can take advantage from 1000+ servers, IP addresses in 60 countries or even an integrated ad blocker.

3. PureVPN

This might be termed as both affordable and one that provides excellent services to the users who want to stream Voot in the USA.

They offer 9 servers that are situated in India that can unblock Voot and many other applications that are yet not available for people in the USA. Pure VPN provides great services to its users to stream in the best quality and with all the possible security measures.

Other useful Black Friday VPN services to be used with Voot in the USA

How To Watch Voot In USA With The Help Of A VPN

Watch Voot In The USA

To watch Voot in the USA people need to first select a VPN of their choice. It is important that users keep other requirements than being able to stream Voot. People can follow the below steps once they have decided which VPN they want to use. If you want an affordable VPN which does not compromise on its features, then I recommend Surfshark VPN to watch Voot in USA

  1. Download the VPN application and install it on the device where you want to access Voot.
  2. Log in to the application with proper details that you used to buy the membership plan of the VPN.
  3. After logging in connect to a server in India in order to change the IP location to that country.
  4. Download the Voot application or open the website.
  5. Stream all the content without any restrictions.

Most of the content available on this website/application is free. Users might have to register and buy a subscription in order to watch the premium content on the platform.


1. Can I Watch Voot With A Free VPN In The USA?

Yes, it is possible to watch Voot with a free VPN server if they have an Indian server on their list. The reason why it is not advised to use a free VPN is that it cannot provide the services expected by the users.

There are problems when users try to watch their favorite shows or movies with them. There are also issues related to safety because these VPNs keep logs of the online activity of the users.

2. What Are Other Ways Of Watching Voot In The USA?

People can use a proxy server too for watching Voot in the USA because it can also change their original IP with a proxy IP that returns Indian location to the platform.

This way the platform will allow the users to watch all the content available. It is not suggested as it doesn’t provide any special features for the safety or streaming of the content.

3. Can I Watch Voot On Desktop?

Voot can be watched both on a desktop, a laptop with the help of a web browser. The users need to just open the official Voot website and start streaming whatever they want to.

There are many things available for free and for the premium content they might also subscribe from there. There are separate applications for smartphones and even there users can watch it on the browsers if they don’t have much space on their device.


Voot is one of the platforms that people who love Indian shows and movies will want to access. This platform is not yet providing its services in the USA and hence people living in that region need to use a VPN.

A VPN allows users to stream, register, and buy the premium subscription on the platform. The OTT platform has popular shows like Big Boss and Splits-villa that Indian people living in the USA might want to watch.

This is the reason why a VPN is useful to them. Moreover, it will remove geo-restrictions from all the other streaming applications.

I hope you got the answer for what you were loooking for in this article. Kindly share you views about this article in the comment section. Thank You!!


I am Danielle, had 10 years of experience in managing IT services and information security. I am very passionate about communicating cybersecurity awareness to the general public and frequently writes about security and technology. So in this blog, I tested and reviewed all the VPNs and wrote about it. I produce this blog which is all about the offers and deals on Black Friday.

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