How To Watch TVB Drama Online From Everywhere

Whether it is "Own Sweet Home" or "Think Big X BigBig KIDS," TVB never fails to supply its users' best content. TVB( Television Broadcasts Limited) is a Hong Kong-based broadcasting company. It has five channels for over-the-air broadcasts of its shows, movies, news, etc.

You can Watch TVB Drama Online and app for all citizens of Hong-Kong people utterly free without any charges.

TVB has a vast collection of shows which can entertain you more than any other show. However, these Cantonese shows can only be accessed by the people who are residing in Hong Kong. 

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But it will be unfair for the people who are traveling and outside Hong Kong or those who love to watch these Cantonese shows. But don't worry as in today's article, we will explore some best ways to access TVB outside Hong Kong. So let's start without any delay.

Why can't you Watch TVB Drama Online and Use the app outside Hong Kong

TVB uses an IP tracking system to block people who try to access TVB outside Hong Kong. All devices contain an IP address allocated by their ISP, and as this IP address reveals their location.

So it becomes easier for platforms like TVB to lay down Geo-restrictions and block them from accessing it. But a VPN can change your IP address and can give access to the TVB site and app so that you could watch TVB drama without any problem. 

In addition, you can also watch TVB shows on other platforms like Sling TV, Netflix, and Amazon. Now we will explore each one of them one by one.

How to Watch TVB Drama Online through VPN

Watch TVB Drama Online and app are inaccessible outside Hong Kong, and you can only access them through VPN. A VPN is a tool that routes your complete data-traffic through an intermediate server and changes your IP address. And With this new IP address, you can access TVB very easily.

Here are the steps to use a VPN with TVB website and app

  1. First of all, select a VPN service for your device. The VPN market is now flooded with lots of VPN black friday Offers, and you can use any one of them to stream TVB. I will recommend ExpressVPN because of its lightning-fast internet speed and geo-unblocking. These features combined make it a perfect choice for streaming services like TVB.
  2. Now, visit the website of your VPN service provider for signing-up for the service. Then, create your credentials and pay through any preferred mode of payment. You can also take a trial before subscribing to the service. 
  3. You need to install the client app of your VPN on your device. Remember to install the app only from reliable sources like the provider's website, app store, or google play store.
  4. Once the app gets installed, run it in your device and sign-in with the credentials which you created while signing-up.
  5. Now, select a Canadian server and hit connect. It will get connected to a server in a few seconds, based on your internet speed.
  6. Once you get connected successfully, open the TVB website or app, and stream your favorite shows without any issue.

How to use the Sling App to Watch TVB Drama Online

Sling TV is an American streaming platform where you can view all countries' content and all major networks. It is a great option for the cord-cutters to enjoy a wide range of content lives on their TV.

Sling TV has mostly all TVB shows available, and you can easily watch them by buying a TVB add-on, which will cost you 15$ per month.

This will be costlier for you than using a VPN for the TVB website. But if you are already a Sling TV user, then it can be the right choice for you. Moreover, Sling TV is also not available outside the US, and if you are not a US resident, then you can't access Sling TV without a VPN.

Watch TVB Drama Online

How to use Netflix for watching TVB shows

Many TVB shows like "The Defected" are available on Netflix, and you can easily watch them over there. Netflix is the most popular streaming service which offers tons of entertaining series and movies.

So you will not only be able to stream TVB drama, but you could also watch many other popular series and films. With such a good stock of entertainment, Netflix can be a perfect choice for you.

But if you want to watch those TVB shows which are not available on Netflix, then you will have to stick to the above methods.

Watch TVB Drama Online


1. What are the benefits of using a VPN??

A VPN will unblock the TVB app and website for you, but it will also serve you with many other lucrative benefits.

Firstly, VPNs prevent hacking attacks by doing end-to-end encryption of your data-traffic, making it impossible for hackers to perform a man-in-the-middle attack. Not only this, but a good VPN also offers many additional security features like kill-switch, ad-blocking, DNS-leak protection, and split-tunneling to secure your device further.

Secondly, it takes care of your privacy on the internet. Many ISPs, websites, hackers, and governments compromise people's privacy by stealing or collecting personal information. But you can stop supplying your personal information to them by using a VPN. A VPN hides your online activities from all third parties and provides you with complete anonymity and privacy.

 A VPN lifts all geographical barriers and gives you access to all streaming platforms, whether it is Netflix, Amazon, Sling TV, Hulu, or BBC.

And at last, it boosts your internet speed. Many ISPs throttle the internet speed of their users who are found using more data and bandwidth in doing file-sharing and video streaming. But a VPN prevents this from happening by hiding your online activities from your ISP.

2. Can we use a free VPN for accessing TVB?

No, a free VPN will not be the right choice for streaming TVB. First of all, TVB can detect servers of free VPN and block them from accessing its content. Therefore, there will be no benefit of using a free VPN with TVB.

Moreover, a free VPN has limited servers and bandwidth. Therefore, it offers miserable internet speed making it impossible to even stream 260p videos without buffering. However, some free VPNs provide a good internet connection, but they offer only limited data per month, which may not be enough.

Not only this, free VPNs also display a lot of annoying ads to earn revenue. But it doesn't end here; many free VPNs collect their user's data and sell it to third parties without their users' consent. Thus, you pay to sell your privacy in the form of the so-called free VPNs. 

3. Can we do torrenting to download TVB shows?

Almost every TVB show is available on torrent, and you can easily download them from there. But if torrenting is banned in your country, you will have to use a VPN to do it. Plus, TVB shows are copyrighted, and downloading them from torrent is illegal. So, I will recommend you to avoid torrenting and follow the methods I have provided above.


TVB has produced many popular Cantonese shows, which are worth watching at least once. Moreover, they are entirely free, which means you can watch them without paying any single penny to the TVB.

But if you are outside Hong Kong, you will have to follow anyone from the methods we have mentioned above.

VPNs will be the cheapest and convenient solution for all of them. I will recommend you to stick with it. This was all about how to watch TVB shows outside Hong Kong. You can comment on your doubts about the article or give your honest review of your VPN. We will see and reply to all of your comments.

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