How To Watch Hotstar In USA Using VPN

Hotstar is one of the most popular Indian Video On Demand platforms. Star Networks own it in India and has many Indian and international shows. There are so many movies too. During past years with an increase in its list of content, the popularity of the application has increased.

The app is famous not just in India, but in the USA as well. But, there is no country where people have access to the complete content library other than India, and in USA, there is no free content for them.


This means they can access Hotstar, but they have to take a subscription plan, and only then they will be able to proceed to stream the shows or movies that they want, still with Geo-restrictions.

Now, you won’t like this if you go from India to the USA, and you can’t watch your favorite streaming platform for free. Many people who live in the USA want to watch shows available in India, but they cannot because that content is only available for people staying in India.

hotstar in usa

To solve this problem, I have a solution for you, a VPN. Yes, a VPN can remove the Geo-restrictions and stream Hotstar just like Indian people do. This is not hard; all the things that you need to know are adequately explained below in the article.

Unlike other Indian streaming applications, this application can be downloaded and streamed without a VPN. Still, to watch the content your favorite shows and especially, the free content, you will need a VPN.

Why Do You Need A VPN To Use Hotstar In The USA

Indian people who live in US, will need Hotstar to watch Indian movies, TV shows, and IPL Cricket. This is not possible without using a VPN in the USA.

Like Netflix and Prime Videos restrict their content in different regions, Hotstar has done it too, they have made their content available only to Indian people.

Geo-restriction has resricted people from watching shows and sports matches that are streamed live on the application.That is why people in USA need a VPN to watch the content on Hotstar as Indians do.

Also, there are many issues related to security that people have to face over the Internet. The internet activity of a user is vulnerable, and even hackers can get into the system because it is not too hard to track the IP.

VPN can save you from all this. I hope that these are enough reasons you would want to use a VPN with Hotstar if not. If you are on a budget and looking for an affordable VPN, then I recommend Surfshark VPN .

One of the latest reasons, Disney plus, has partnered with them and has put all their content on the platform for India's users to stream. People who know Hindi can subscribe for as low as 399 INR that will be approx 5.28 USD.

Even the premium membership is affordable too. So, now don't look at it just as Hostar; it is Disney+ Hotstar, and you will have so much to watch.

Benefits Of Using A VPN to watch Hotstar in USA

Using a VPN to access Hotstar in USA has many benefits. The users get to watch everything they want to, and they get free content, access to the live channels, and more.

Some of the benefits that users get with a VPN are

  1. Removal Of Geo-restrictions
  2. No Throttling
  3. Better Privacy And Security
  4. Good Streaming Speed
  5. IP Masking
watch hotstar in USA

All the benefits mentioned above provide users with much-needed safety and power when connected to the Internet. The Internet is not safe anymore, maybe it never was, but we can now do something to save ourselves from the negatives and take power in our hands.

Many Indian and British streaming applications that the people of America cannot use, can be acessed with the help of a VPN.

Best VPNs To watch Hotstar in USA

1. ExpressVPN

watch hotstar in USA

ExpressVPN is one of the most popular and the fastest VPN that is available for users who want to watch Hotstar in USA. They have great high-speed servers in India that provide their users with the best streaming experience.

The users also get many other benefits like enhanced security and privacy because they use IP masking, high-level encryption, and many more things. They also have an automatic kill switch to save the users from IP leakage and other situations when the server stops working.

The only thing that stops some users from buying this is its price. This is the most expensive VPN on the list, but the services that they provide justify their cost.

2. NordVPN

This is one of the top, but affordable VPN for users who want watch hotstar in USA without any restrictions. They have great security features that keep the activity of their users hidden from all types of people on the Internet, including their ISP and the government agencies.

Their IP masking and auto-kill methods work well and never let the users face anything that can cause them problems or worse problems.

Many features improve the streaming too like it has excellent servers in India that provide decent speed. Also, it allows the users to watch their favorite TV shows and movies from India.

3. SurfShark

watch hotstar in USA

This is a VPN that works well with most of the applications, including Hotstar and Netflix. They have high-speed servers all around the world, for this we need Indian servers, and they have excellent servers in India to which users can always connect.

The speed that they provide to the users might not be too fast, but it is decent enough that it will never ruin the users' streaming experience. The security of this VPN is also good. They don’t keep any logs of their user’s online activity. If you are looking for some budget friendly VPN, then don't miss this Surfshark VPN deals on this Black Friday.

4. PureVPN

watch hotstar in USA

PureVPN is relatively new, but it has improved its services and is capable of competing with top VPNs. They have good speed servers all around the world, including India.

Because of their Indian servers, they provide excellent services to their users in the USA who want to access all the free content and geo-restricted content on the platform.

They also make sure that the security of the users is also properly looked up to, and that is why they take different measures for the protection of the users.

5. IPVanish

IPVanish is also one of the most affordable VPNs to be used with Hotstar in the USA. It also has high-speed servers in India and other parts of the world that allow users to remove the geo-restriction and access whatever they want. This is one of the best options for this purpose.

They have strict no logs policy to make sure that their users are safe in all the possible ways. They have some great features to improve the privacy and the streaming experience that users have with their VPN.

They can unblock most other streaming platforms other than Hotstar like Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, etc. They have servers in more than 50 countries, and that is why they can remove the geo-restrictions in all those countries.

How To Unblock All Content On Hotstar With A VPN In The USA

Watch Indian Channels in USA

Unblocking Hotstar in the USA so people can watch all the content available on the application, including the live and free content. People in the USA are not allowed to use it. That is why people need a VPN to access all these things. Find out the best VPN deals for Black Friday and what these providers have to offer. Below are the steps that will help the users to watch hotstar in USA:

  1. Download the preferred VPN and install it on the device where you want to watch Hotstar. I recommend ExpressVPN. It can simply unblock any Geo-restricted content.
  2. Create an account and start streaming all the content that you wish to (Buy a membership plan to access the premium content as well)
  3. Log in to the VPN application with ID and password you used to buy the membership plan.
  4. Once you are logged-in. Make sure to connect to an Indian server and you are done.


1.Can You Steam Live Sports Matches On Hotstar In The USA?

Yes, people in the USA can watch live sports matches on Hotstar if connected to an Indian VPN server. All Indian channels are geo-restricted, and that is why usually the users are not allowed to watch these channels or live streaming of the sports matches happening in India. With a VPN, these things are possible.

2. Will A Free VPN Remove Geo-restrictions On Hotstar In USA?

Yes, a free VPN that has Indian servers can remove the geo-restrictions on Hotstar in USA, but it will not be able to provide the users with the same services as one of the best VPNs. 

There are also security issues as they sometimes collect the activity logs of their users and then sell them to companies online.

3. What Are Other Indian Applications that People In The USA Cannot Use?

 Other Indian streaming applications that are not yet available in US are

  • Voot
  • Zee5
  • SonyLiv
  • TVF Play

There are some applications from Britain and Canada that are not allowed in the USA. But people can use a VPN and get access to all of them.


This article told you all about how you can use Hotstar in the USA. As now you all know, no free content is available for America's citizens, and they also cannot watch all the shows and movies available on the platform in India.

This is easy to solve with the help of a best VPN. Users need to study their requirements properly and then search for the VPN that will be perfect for them according to various factors.

Users can look for factors like speed, the number and the quality of the servers present in India, and also the security measures taken. Also, you must consider the price if you are on a budget.


I am Danielle, had 10 years of experience in managing IT services and information security. I am very passionate about communicating cybersecurity awareness to the general public and frequently writes about security and technology. So in this blog, I tested and reviewed all the VPNs and wrote about it. I produce this blog which is all about the offers and deals on Black Friday.

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