How To Watch Channel 4 In USA And Everywhere

Channel 4 or 4OD (4 on demand) is the UK based streaming application with many shows and movies.

This platform is now exclusively available for the people of Britain, and other people in the USA may use it, but only if they know the trick.

Thankfully you are here, and if you didn’t know the trick yet, I am here for you to teach how to watch channel 4 in USA. Many people want to Watch Channel 4 in USA, but not all of them are well known to the technology that allows them to do so. The trick and the technology that I am talking about is a VPN. 


Yes, a VPN can allow people in the USA to stream all the available content on 4OD.

The users might have some doubts about how what are the benefits to them and if they need to then which are the best VPNs for them.

Below the article will talk about all these questions, and I hope that you don’t miss out on any point.

Everything is important, and if you read it till the end, you might know more things that you want to. 

Don’t worry. You won’t regret reading this at all. There are FAQs at the end to answer more doubts that you might be having, but before that, sit back and carry on.

How To Watch Channel 4 In The USA

Why You Need A VPN To Watch Channel 4 In  USA

The reason why any person in the USA will need a VPN to watch Channel 4 is, it is not allowed otherwise.

Channel 4 is exclusive to the people staying in the UK, and people in any other region, including America, cannot use its services without using something that can change their IP location from their region to the UK.

The basic reason is hence clear. Now let’s clear out some other things. People might think that a Proxy server can also do the same thing, then why do they need a VPN.

Yes, a proxy can do it, but it will not provide you with the additional features a VPN offers. Proxies are made for other purposes and mainly to change the gateway through which a website and the user communicate.

There might be problems related to streaming speed. This problem can be solved very easily if the user has a VPN connection.

A VPN is much better for streaming than a proxy server or any other method that can be used to change the IP address and its location to the UK. 

Benefits Of Using A VPN To Watch Channel 4 In USA

In the previous section, you read about why we need it and now this is the explanation of why users will be benefited from a VPN rather than any other way of doing it. Let’s take a look at the benefits that users will get with a VPN:

How To Watch Channel 4 In The USA

1. Provides Good Performance With Channel 4

For streaming or any other task on the internet that requires high data consumption, users want a VPN that can provide good performance. Excellent performance means that the servers are fast and stable as well.

Stable servers make sure that there are no lags in the streaming services and they being fast, make sure that users get the highest quality. These things directly affect the experience a user receives through a VPN.

Some VPNs have so many servers in so many different regions, and almost all the servers are great. This is what happens when a user chooses one of the best VPNs to use with Channel 4.

2. No Throttling

Throttling is one of the issues around the world most people who are streaming face but don’t know how to get rid of it.

Throttling is when your network or the streaming service has restricted the quality of the video or the bandwidth being provided to you so that users cannot stream in the highest quality. 

This is done either by network providers specifically. This is done by providing users with slow speed so they cannot use anything at its best level.

This problem can be easily solved by using a VPN as the user changes their server and then, they will be invisible to that throttling attack.

3. No Geo-Restrictions

Without this benefit, there would be no use of a VPN with Channel 4. Yes, just because VPNs can remove geo-restrictions, the users are able to watch the VOD service in the USA or in any other part of the world.

The process of how to do it is explained in a later section of this article and is the same for all other regions in the world along with the USA.

Geo-restriction is the restriction imposed on content that allows it to stream only in a specific geographical area and no one outside that area has access to it unless they have a VPN. If you want to opt for a VPN especially for unblocking geo-restricted content at an affordable price, then try Surfshark.

4. Better Security And Privacy

People, when connected to the internet, are vulnerable to many threats. These threats can be an intrusion into privacy, tracking of their online activity, or stealing other sensitive details for them.

A VPN can save users from many online attacks and hide them from everyone else on. These are so powerful that even the ISP will not track down what their users are doing after they connect to a VPN server.

Many security measures are taken by VPN providers like high-level encryption so that all the activities done online are safe.

They use IP masking to replace the users' original IP address with the IP address of the VPN server that they connect to. 

Even this IP is dynamic and changes whenever a user connects again. These are just some features that I have mentioned there are many more, and they make you realize how VPNs are useful and safe option to use.

Best VPNs To Watch Channel 4 In USA

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN has a large network of fast servers distributed all around the world that promotes high-speed and secure connections.

Almost every show and movie of Channel 4 can be streamed using its servers. This VPN service offers a 30-day money-back guarantee that makes it worth trying. 

2. NordVPN

nordvpn coupon coupons

NordVPN can be considered as the best budget VPN for watching Channel 4 in USA because of its huge functionalities. It is a strong VPN consisting of over 5,000 servers that have the ability to unblock almost every website. The servers offer good speeds and stability during the connection. 

3. SurfShark

SurfShark is a reputable VPN service offering decent speed at affordable prices. It is compatible with a number of devices and is popular for eradicating Geo-restrictions while watching Channel 4 in USA or in any part of the world. 

So here you can see how Surfshark VPN Black Friday offers can benefit you to enjoy total security, anonymity and accessibility when you log in.

4. IPVanish

How To Watch Channel 4 In The USA

IPVanish allows up to 10 simultaneous connections from various devices that make it a suitable choice for streaming Channel 4 from outside the UK, It has a significant number of servers making it suitable for seamless streaming. 

5. PureVPN

Pure VPN

PureVPN has maintained its reputation in the industry of VPN services due to its affordable prices and decent speeds. It is completely safe to stream Channel 4 in the US with PurePVN has it does not store any log of its users. 

Note: If you want to explore more VPN options, take a look at these recommended Black Friday VPN offers out there. 

How To Watch Channel 4 In USA

This is the part we think you were all waiting for since the start, but all the other parts are equally important to know why it is needed and its benefits.

The VPNs mentioned above are important too because before you set up a VPN with Channel 4, you need to decide one for yourself.

Now, let’s finally discuss how a user in the USA cam watches Channel 4 with the help of a VPN. To make it easy I have broken down the process into steps:

Step 1

First, decide the VPN that you think fits your requirements in the best way. Make sure to know whatever you want from a VPN and what are the problems that you are facing, the VPN that fits into the parameters in the best way will be the best for you. We recommend ExpressVPN.

Step 2

Download and install the application on the device where you want to access Channel 4.

Most people will want to access it over a web that means they will prefer a web browser, so according to your OS, download the Windows or the macOS application.

Step 3

After installation login to the VPN app with ID and password that you used to take their subscription.

Step 4

After logging in the users will get to the page where they will be able to see the list of a server from which they can choose the one they prefer.

Step 5

To access Channel 4 users need to find servers in the region of the UK and connect to it.

Step 6

After connecting to the UK server users need to log in to the Channel 4 account from their web and access the website and all its content just like the people of the UK do.

These are all the steps that will easily help users to connect to the UK server and stream all the content available 4OD. These steps are not just for people in the USA but for people all around the world outside the UK.


1. Can We Watch Channel 4 On iPhone or iPad Outside The UK?

Yes, it is perfectly possible. Just like users can watch it on any other device with the help of a VPN, they can watch it here too.

Users need to download one of the top VPNs that are compatible with their device. Then fulfill their requirement and then connect to a user in the UK and finally download or search for it on the web.

They need to create an account if they don’t have one and then, they will be able to watch all the shows and movies that are on the application without any problems

2. What Are The Channels Available On Channel 4?

Channel 4 being the VOD service that is exclusive for people of the UK where there are many channels that are streamed in that region. Below is a list of some of the best channels that people can watch on 4OD:

  • E4
  • 4Music
  • 4News
  • Walter Presents
  • Film4
  • More4

These are all the channels that are also a part of the Channel 4 network and are available for people to watch on their VOD platform. Again, users need to make sure that they are connected to a UK server before they try to access these channels.

3. Is There Any Way To Watch Channel 4 In USA Without Paid VPNs?

Yes, there are ways like using free VPNs and free proxy servers to access Channel 4 in the USA.

These are methods that can allow the users, but might not provide them with a good experience.

Both free proxy servers and free VPN servers are not reliable and will not give a good speed.

They also are not as secure as users wish they were. It is advised that people choose one of the top VPNs.

4. Can A User Watch Channel 4 Live For Free?

Yes, all the channels on Channel 4 can be watched for free but the users will need to create an account for free. It will be better if they do so after they are connected to a UK server on their VPN.

This will make sure that the VOD platform sees them as a user from their region and allows them all the services without any limitations.


Channel 4 being exclusive for the UK people is something that has made people in the USA curious.

Many people on the internet have searched for this and here I presented them the guide to this world where they can stream the VOD shows and movies without any problems.

VPNs are very helpful as they provide the best support for streaming and also give many other benefits to the users.

They keep all the things that users do online safely. 

People are there to just find a loophole and get into your system but with a VPN you can be invisible on the internet. I don’t think anyone can attack someone who is invisible.

To be sure that you get the best services and best security make sure you take the membership of one of the best VPNs.

I hope you got what you were looking for in this article. Cheers!!


I am Danielle, had 10 years of experience in managing IT services and information security. I am very passionate about communicating cybersecurity awareness to the general public and frequently writes about security and technology. So in this blog, I tested and reviewed all the VPNs and wrote about it. I produce this blog which is all about the offers and deals on Black Friday.

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